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Should I Rent A Co-working Space? Let’s Find Out



At one point in time or another, you may have shared an office or any other working environment with people that were not directly related to you or your line of work. It could have been a seminar room or any other office setting where the only thing that brought you together was the convenience of time and space. In essence, what you were doing is referred to as co-working.

Co-working is a concept that has continued to gain momentum, especially in the modern corporate world where many people find it convenient to work from any location without having to be physically present at their workplaces. But even before you think of renting a co-working space, there are certain facts you need to settle with, and we shall try to look at some of these facts.


What Is The Nature Of Your Work?

As already mentioned, co-working is ideal for those who work from home or those who have the flexibility of working from any location. Therefore, if your line of work is anything to do with freelancing or any home-based kinds of work, then you are a prime candidate for renting a co-working space. However, in as much as co-working is ideal for home-based jobs, there are those that may not work well with this kind of arrangement. For instance, certain home-based jobs that demand a level of privacy and quiet such as transcriptions and voice-overs may not be so ideal in a co-working environment.


Does Your Work Have A Chain Of Command And If ’yes’’, Who Do You Answer?

For those types of work where there is an endless chain of command; as is the case with many state bureaux, co-working may not be a viable option. This is because at the end of a given interval, you have to report to someone and account for your expense of money, time or just to answer to anything. This is compounded by the endless ad-hoc meetings normally seen in such kinds of jobs so co-working in such cases may not work at all due to such barriers. However, if you are an independent contractor, then this could be the best kind of office arrangement for you.


Do You Travel A Lot?

Renting a coworking space is also a great decision if you travel a lot or if you are on a long vacation and need to keep tabs on your work. It is only natural that as you are in a place far away from your home, renting an office would be the only way to keep in touch with your work. Some may argue in favor of using their hotel rooms for such purposes to cut down on the cost of renting a co-working space, but because not many such accommodation facilities are designed in office-friendly environments, you may be left with no choice other than to find a co-working space near you.


Are You An Outgoing Worker?

Co-working spaces bring together people from different companies and different walks of life. If you are someone who believes in enlarging his social spheres, then you may consider this office arrangement. You will be able to make more friends and learn a thing or two about various cultures, which will come in handy, especially if you work in an industry that focuses on customer-oriented services such as the hospitality industry.


How About Learning New Skill-sets?

Imagine this; you are a tour guide and sharing an office working space with an office assistant. One thing is for sure; if you are keen enough, you will get away with some basic typing and photocopying, among various other skills specific to an office assistant. It is this interchange of skill that makes a co-working space an attractive idea as you will acquire practical skills that would have otherwise taken you proper training.



While co-working is an excellent idea, you need to examine yourself carefully and know whether you need to hire a co-working space or not. We hope that even as you do, the points explained above could serve as a head start.