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Tips for London Harry Potter Studio Tour

Harry Potter 9igta

When you decide to visit Harry Potter Studios, ensure you have adequate time in your schedule. This is because it is situated 20 miles north of London. Therefore, it is not just a place you will pop in. Fortunately, there is excellent public transport system. For instance, from Watford Junction, there are several inexpensive shuttle buses which can take you to the studio. Another way is to book your tour via a company which has Harry Potter Studio tour as part of the package.

Harry Potter 52If you are planning to devote the whole day to the tour, you should arrive early. This is important to avoid crowds, particularly during the peak season. You can book a room at Watford. This will also offer you an opportunity to have a taste of English countryside. If you are traveling with your children, you can buy the Harry Potter robes/costumes. You will find them readily available in shops and at a lower price. It does help the children to get excited about this particular activity. Moreover, they can get something to wear as when back at home. It is advisable to carry a packed lunch.

There are designated places to eat between the studious. This is necessary if you want to avoid long queues. Remember that you may spend several hours on this tour, and you do not want to upset your children because of hunger.

Arrival at the studio

The first thing to do is to collect the tickets. Even if you booked online, this is the first thing to do. During peak season, this can be quite busy. Also, collect the passports for the children. In fact, you can even wait for 30 minutes in the queue before entering. A few snacks can help engage your kids.

The studio tour

Harry Potter 9iThe first destination is the waiting room. This is where you meet the guide who can inform you different things about the tour. When you get to Great Hall, those celebrating a big occasion or a birthday are requested to open the gates. Therefore, it is advisable to visit it on your birthday to make it a special tour. You will find the Great Hall quite stunning and studios quite incredible. The studios are divided into three areas: studio one, studio two, and out area. Thus, ensure you have adequate time to move around.

Choosing a travel agent


Arranging for your trip can be quite challenging, especially when you are traveling to a destination for the first time. There are many things to take care of including accommodation, transportation, and entertainment among many others. To make it easy for you, experts recommend that you hire the services of a travel agent. The agent will take the burden of making all those arrangements off you, leaving you with ample time to engage in other productive activities.
The travel agent that you choose will play a role in determining how smooth your travel experience will be. It is therefore very important to make sure that you get the best agent in relation to your needs. Below are some considerations which you should make when making the selection to ensure that you get the best.

Factors to consider when choosing a travel agent


The experience of a travel agent can be a good reflection of how competent he is. An experienced agent has gone through the process of making travel arrangements many times, all along learning the tricks to getting you the best of everything. He will also be able to handle any hurdles that occur during your trip, with swiftness. In addition to the number of years that the travel agent has been in the industry, you should also check the performance during that time. You can judge the performance based on the reputation that he has as well as the reviews that previous clients leave. Remember that a less experienced agent may also be very competent at what he does, so do not rule them out from your options.


The location where the agent is based should also be considered. It is advisable to work with an agent who is located in the destination that you wish to go. This is because such an agent will have extensive knowledge of the destination, which allows him to make arrangements easily and swiftly. This is particularly a great option when you are going on vacation and need to spend lots of time in the destination. The agent will get you the best accommodation, entertainment, and many other things, given that he has good knowledge of the local area.


The fee amount that you will have to pay the agent for his services also matters. You should choose an agent whose charges are affordable according to the budget that you have. You should also ensure that you get the most value for the money that you pay.